Jordan A. Smith Logo
The perlene

Designing a logo for a women's social club

Introduced to the founder of The Perlene during my reign as creative director of Ladies' Night, I was given the opportunity to help the ladies develop their branding. We wanted to honor the space's luxurious furnishings, femme attitude, burlesque-loving clientele, and its namesake—the founder's grandmother, Perlene

Builtwell, Co

Designing a logo for energy-efficient homes that will last 100 years

Builtwell Co is a company that provides consultancy services to people in the construction industry interested in building and remodeling homes. They design systems that not only improve the energy efficiency, but the lifespan of the home

Corey and team were interested in a logo that would convey durable over green. They wanted the ability to develop it further as they provided more services and products. Inspired by graphing and sturdy typefaces, we landed here