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DECA, Inc., a Portland architecture firm, needed a modern, responsive website to represent their sustainable and integrated process, inspired by the Pacific Northwest

I worked on this project at Upswell and collaborated with a content specialist, developer, and the clients themselves. The project took place over a period of two months


My proudest moment of this project was listening to the client and building systems that gave them confidence

The clients are experts in architecture and interior design, but new to the interactive design world. I developed color-coded wireframes so they could easily distinguish between the two treatments

Being one-on-one with the people who would be directly using the CMS and managing the content, design choices were made to remove the responsibility of photo editing. A content specialist and I collaborated to create video tutorials to assist their team


Designing for other designers is tricky work, but Deca's team had a beautiful array of sketches, models, and photography. The key was developing a treatment of these assets that would be implementable in the future and compliment their aesthetic

This direction was called "Building Blocks". Utilizing motion and transitions, imagery would construct itself like the Deca, Inc. brick logo

This direction was called "PNW Inspired". Patterns and textures inspired by their work would accompany their sketches as accents to their photographs. This was the direction the client chose

End results

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As the user scrolls through About and Studio content, the headline changes as new photos scroll in

Deca, Inc.'s offices are filled with 3D model and black boards from their presentations. I inset-shadow their photos and placed copy in two-columns to carry that traditional presentation style online

The height of the image is established by the height of the photo to avoid awkward crops. This also took the stress off Deca's staff to do photo-editing