Jordan A. Smith Logo

It was a privilege to update to exhibit the artistry and passion behind making the most scientifically-advanced bicycles

I worked on this project at Instrument and collaborated with strategy, designers, and developers concurrently in a sprint structure over a five-month period

Editorial & Product

Working with Specialized, we connected informational, instructional, and lifestyle content to product on every page

From the beginning, I pushed Specialized away from showing images of product alone to assist the novice cyclist in determining what bicycle would be best for their needs

Product category pages evolved from lists of bikes to include instructional blog tiles, social posts from Specialized-sponsored athletes, and appropriate gear to accompany tiles. For the professional and aspiring cyclists, these tiles build the reputation of the brand and category of sport

Specialized has many talented in-house designers and I worked hard to create an expansive sheet of potential tile styles to inspire them

In a previous life, I was an amateur alleycat racer. Paired with a ranked Cyclocross cyclist/marketing strategist, we tackled long lists of components, specs, and features. We striped down those long text tables and elevated information that professionals like him crave and wouldn't scare the stretchy shorts off part-time hobbyists like myself. We also pushed to bring in curated content from the cycling community to the product page

And of course, that information had to read well on your phone in your local bike shop


Finally, I worked to reinvent Specialized's purchase flow to feel as sleek as its equipment and handle the complexity of their product lineā€”on mobile as well as desktop